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  1. Proxmox 5.4 USB install - no cdrom found, 5.3 working OK

    Hey Guys same issue here with version 6. Here is my output as asked for
  2. [SOLVED] Grub error booting installation usb-stick 5.4.1 (error: unknown filesystems)

    Hey Staff, I have just downloaded version 6 used BalenaEtcher, booted usig UEFI and getting the error that no cdrom found. Why is this still such an issue for many people? When trying to mount the USB: mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt failed: Invalid argument. I even tried the DD method same error.
  3. Workload Migrations

    Its been a while and I can say that Storage Craft SPX works fine with KVM installs. The biggest issue is when doing restores from HyperV and or VMWare.. Make sure all tools are removed from the system before your final backup using SPX. Otherwise you will get a bluescreen due to the balloon...
  4. Backup to USB Success, Move to new Host Missing files

    LOL wish it was that easy, it was actually shown in the first Screenshot right under the arrow for the Backup Drive Directory ;-) I had /mount/USBBackup vs /media/USBBackup.. ha ha
  5. Backup to USB Success, Move to new Host Missing files

    Nevermind, I found my issue (unfortunately after posting).. as trivia though, if someone wants to tell me what was wong ;-)
  6. Backup to USB Success, Move to new Host Missing files

    Hello members, I am not sure whats going on and why I am posting. I mounted a USB Drive to a host /media/USBBackup Ran a successful Backup: Mounted USB Drive on a new host same paths.. the lze file is missing, nothing is in the dump folder What am I missing aside from my backups?
  7. Can't update from 4.4 to 5.1 due to libpve-common-perl

    Hi Wolfgang, I see that you requested the user to open a new thread however I too am having this same problem. According to The1stSword his issue was resolved running the clean. Now both Orlando Leon and myself are seeing that this does not resolve like was suggested to resolve. IMO This thread...
  8. Upgrade to 5 Failed

    Using: deb stretch pve-no-subscription Ran the updater command, and then it tells me: 562 upgraded, 173 newly installed, 11 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 361 MB of archives. After this operation, 315 MB of additional disk space will be used. Do...
  9. A few of my hosts Keep Fencing.

    How can I troubleshoot this. Seems 2 of my servers in a 4 node CEPH cluster keep bouncing. I cannot seem to find anything in the syslogs. Seems to be only the same 2 machines.
  10. Adding ISCSII From GUI

    Yes thats what I thought, but its not showing any "Base Volumes"
  11. Understanding Ceph

    Still have not been able to find the reason for the number of "128" Placement Groups anywhere. Why 128/512? Why not 2, or 10 or 30?
  12. Adding ISCSII From GUI

    I believe I have done this before without a hitch. Other sources seem point to adding ISCSI LVM as well however, I am not able to add an LVM its asking me to select a Base Volume. What step did I forget to do?
  13. Nvidia PCIE Passthough Video/Audio issues

    Should work fine as long as you have a recommended video card. Mine seems to be working great.
  14. Understanding Ceph

    So when using Set pg_num "ceph osd pool set {pool_name} pg_num {value}" to 256 on an existing pool doesn't cause any data loss? Im fully aware of the pgcalc, after creating my pool (not using default Pool). Still doesnt explain why the number of placement groups is in the hundreds...
  15. Understanding Ceph

    Thanks for this I will us this to increase to 256? Still trying to figure out what that actually means... # Ensure you have a realistic number of placement groups. We recommend # approximately 100 per OSD. E.g., total number of OSDs multiplied by 100 # divided by the number of...
  16. Understanding Ceph

    Wow, ok so glad to see Im not the only one but now I am trying to figure out what responses go to the initial question, the inline helps. So to clarify when PM04 has gone down (not sure why yet), all the VM's freak out. When I look at the proxmox GUI, it shows that 1 of the OSD's on each host...
  17. Understanding Ceph

    Hi proxmox fans. Excuse my ignorance in this area, I have been trying to wrap my head around the Ceph Clustering Model. Watched some videos and read bunches. I have a 4 Node Cluster setup with Equivalent hardware. Based on some tutorials I have setup and have functioning an environment. I would...
  18. Nvidia PCIE Passthough Video/Audio issues

    Just a Quick update. Simple fix may have been that I didnt have NUMA enabled. So far I have had 0 issues with the Audio since enabling.
  19. [SOLVED] Proxmox PCIE Passthrough - My experience

    I dont have any onboard Audio unfortunately. I have a Dell PE T410 Server. I would have to buy a PCI card for that (which I may do if I can get some kind of solid response that I will not have audio issues ;-P. Thanks for your write up... I wish it was posted before all my trial and errors.


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