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  1. KVM Rate Limit doesn't work well

    Hello, i have tested rate limit on a KVM vps ( proxmox 5 last version ). It doesn't work on UDP flood. A single vps in my case, put down an entire machine.. Some ideas ? Thanks
  2. Can't stop LXC container

    Hello, i can't stop a LXC container and if i try to modify the network: failed to open /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/veth133i0p/disable_ipv6 for writing: No such file or directory (500) The veth133i0p dir not exist. pvesm status is ok Thanks!
  3. Host key verification failed

    Hello, just added 2 new nodes to my cluster, without errors, but when i try to replicate i have this error: 2019-06-18 10:44:01 108-2: (remote_prepare_local_job) Host key verification failed. 2019-06-18 10:44:01 108-2: (remote_prepare_local_job) 2019-06-18 10:44:01 108-2: end replication job...
  4. How to increase Open File limit on LXC priv.

    Hello, how can increase open file limits on LXC privileged container ? And how can i check if are applied inside the container ? proxmox-ve: 5.2-2 THANKS!
  5. Speed up zfs list -t all

    Hello guys, there is a way to spped up the output of zfs list -t all ? In case of a lot af snapshot, is very very slow .. Thanks
  6. Wrong free space displayed in LXC

    Hello, i have i single server with one LXC container. This istance, display a strange output using df root@p: ~ $ df Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on storage/subvol-100-disk-1 25683991936 25506562688 177429248 100% / none...
  7. Where is defined Thin provisioning?

    Hello, i have seen that if i add a new storage, this is definide by something like zfspool: mystorage pool mystorage content images,rootdir sparse 1 in /etc/pve/storage.cfg My question is, using ZFS, where is defined Thin provisioning? Thanks!
  8. Snapshot Rollback + Replication issue

    Hello, i have notice this issue: if i try to rollback to a zfs snapshot when proxmox5 replication are active, i can't, it's fail with error: more recent snapshot. So i have to stop and remove replication.. and finally rollback. I'm wrong or is it the only way to rollback ? Thanks!
  9. What is the differences between Zfs snap and qm snap ?

    Hello, what is the differences between doing a command line zfs snapshot and qm snapshot vmid ? Thanks!
  10. Restart or unlock VPS using command line from a specific Cluster node

    Hello, is it possible to manage via command line vps hosted on differents cluster nodes ? Thanks!
  11. Cluster without quorum, Nodes doas't join the cluster

    Hello, i hav 3 nodes cluster, this morning VPS are UP but the cluster status was down, no quorum. i have rebooted 2 of 3 nodes ( the nodes without vps ) but not solved.. LAN is ok and hostname /etc/host is ok. I hav also tried to reboot services on all 3 nodes: systemctl restart pve-cluster...
  12. Grant LXC NFS enable/disable

    Hello, how can i grant the permission to enable or disable NFS on LXC container to a non root user? Thanks!
  13. How to simulate LXC Lock ?

    Hello, how can i lock an LXC istance by command line ? Thanks!
  14. All cluster nodes red

    Hello, after a issue on my local network i hav all 5 nodes with red icon ( not joined into the cluster ) but my LAN now is OK. How can restore the cluster status ? Thanks!
  15. Is Kvm vps snapshot on ZFS consistent ?

    Hello, is Kvm (qemu) vps ZFS snapshot consistent without qemu agent installed on guest ? There are differences between a snapshot of an LXC vps and a KVM vps using zfs ? Thanks!
  16. All Replication stalled

    Hello, i have a cluster node ( ZFS / Replication /HA 3 nodes cluster ) with 3 VPS (2 LXC, 1 KVM ). All replication job on node2 are stalled but no errors log. Before reboot the node, i'm tryng a pve-zsync but return this error: /usr/sbin/pve-zsync sync --source 104 --dest...
  17. Enable Options -> Features (NFS) to admin user

    Hello, i have created an admin user named admin1: pveum aclmod / -group admin -role Administrator pveum usermod admin1@pve -group admin But admin1 can't modify Options -> Features (NFS) in the LXC menu. Thanks!
  18. How to Quickly expand KVM disk

    Hello, yesterday i had expand a KVM Linux vps from 40 to 60Gb using Gparted disk. ( lo LVM ) The process is very very slow, about 20 minutes to complete the resize... only 20G! What is the best way to do this job Quickly ? Thanks!
  19. ZFS over iSCSI storage

    Hello, what is now the best solution to have a redundant ZFS Storage over ISCSI ? Thanks!
  20. Message from failed node

    Hello, i read this morning this email form one of my nodes, now,everithig is online, but vps flagged with HA are migrated. My node "cvs2" show me an uptime of 2 hours .. I have tried to migarte back on cvs2 and works well.. What's happened ...


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