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  1. fuckwit/kaiser/kpti

    This would suggest that we should update our Hypervisors asap, but any KVM guests (not containers) can be updated as and when, or am I reading this wrong? c:)
  2. Proxmox VE 5.0 beta1 released!

    Hi all, Is there a estimated release date for Proxmox 5 to go stable? Thanks, Chris,
  3. 1-4x vgs at 100 cpu?

    Ok, got to the bottom of this one, thanks for the tips. It seemed that these hosts were getting PV's from VM disks, still not sure how that was happening, but when I did a pvs I saw this: # pvs Couldn't find device with uuid d6io1C-mYOD-WS9D-Z9ig-AXh2-NVXY-pzCpQA. Couldn't find device with...
  4. 1-4x vgs at 100 cpu?

    Hi Fabian Thanks for the tip. I have a feeling this may be coming from an NFS NAS server I've got mounted which does have a few VM disk on it. The device is showing as so I've added the following to my lvm.conf global_filter: global_filter = [ "r|/dev/zd.*|"...
  5. 1-4x vgs at 100 cpu?

    Hi Fabian, Thanks for quick reply. I've checked my /etc/lvm/lvm.conf file and they are identical on both working and non-working hosts (I have never edited them). The global_filter section looks like this: # Do not scan ZFS zvols (to avoid problems on ZFS zvols snapshots) global_filter =...
  6. 1-4x vgs at 100 cpu?

    I too am having this problem. I have a 6 host cluster which has worked fine for some time now, connected to a Compellent SC4020 SAN via 10Gb x520's on the storage network (separate network for LAN via 1Gb ethernet). I recently added 2 new hosts (identical hardware to the existing 4) and recently...
  7. Upgrade to specific Proxmox release

    Hi Wolfgang, The reason for not upgrading to latest kernel/version is that we had some driver issues with our 10Gbe Intel X520 cards coupled with our Compellent SAN. We haven't tested in 4.3 yet though, so I may do that first and see how they react. Thanks for the info. c:)
  8. Upgrade to specific Proxmox release

    Hi there, I am having some live-migration issues. I currently have 4 nodes in my cluster, 3 of them are running 4.1-22/aca130cf and one of them is running 4.1-1/2f9650d4. I would like to upgrade the host running 4.1-1/2f9650d4 to 4.1-22/aca130cf so that they are all running exactly the same...
  9. iSCSI Issues - Dell Compellent SAN - Corruption of superblocks and controllers

    Hi Bravo, My original problem was the fact that the drivers for the QLOGIC cards were not working properly, so I swapped them all out for Intel X520's. These worked fine under 4.1 (kernel 4.2.6-1) but I recently tried upgrading to 4.2 (kernel 4.4.6) and got the same IO errors even with the...
  10. Upgrade 4.1 cluster to 4.2

    This has not gone well... Live migrated guests to another host and upgraded/rebooted the empty one. Then tried live migrating from 4.1 to 4.2 node, this failed. Only way I could get it work was to upgrade the 4.1 to 4.2 (with VM's still running) and then live migrations worked. At least until I...
  11. Upgrade 4.1 cluster to 4.2

    Hi, I'm going to push ahead with this as there seems to be a general consensus that live migration will work. I'll post back if I hit any problems. Thanks all. Chris.
  12. Upgrade 4.1 cluster to 4.2

    Hi Wosp, That's what I figured. I guess it will only refuse to live-migrate when I attempt it so no real danger involved with testing it... c:)
  13. Upgrade 4.1 cluster to 4.2

    Hi Manu, Thanks for the quick response. That's disappointing. Regards, Chris.
  14. Upgrade 4.1 cluster to 4.2

    Hey all, I am due to upgrade our main cluster over the next few days and wanted to gauge if there are likely to be any problems. I have 4 x Dell R630's with identical hardware running: proxmox-ve: 4.1-34 (running kernel: 4.2.6-1-pve) pve-manager: 4.1-5 (running version: 4.1-5/f910ef5c)...
  15. iSCSI Issues - Dell Compellent SAN - Corruption of superblocks and controllers

    My particular problem was that the QLOGIC (showing up as bnx2 which is the broadcom driver I believe) cards were being recognised and iSCSI connections working fine, but as soon as I put any kind of load on the connection, restoring a snapshot for instance, I would get loads of IO errors and the...
  16. iSCSI Issues - Dell Compellent SAN - Corruption of superblocks and controllers

    Hi RCK, I decided to swap out all the QLOGIC 10Gb cards for Intel X520 DP's. The system now works very well. I would steer clear of the QLOGIC cards for Linux due to limited driver support for newer Linux kernels. Cheers, c:)
  17. LV's disappearing after vzdump snapshot

    Forgot to mention that all other snapshots complete fine, it only seems to affect the first VM in the snapshot list... Chris.
  18. LV's disappearing after vzdump snapshot

    Hi all, This has happened to me 3 times in the past week and has never been a problem before. Am a little baffled as to what is causing it. Basically the scheduled vzdump snapshot starts and the LV is not found (it's either been removed by the snapshot routine or something else has caused it...
  19. Qlogic 5771x/578xx driver problem on Proxmox 4.x

    Ah ok, looks like you have the same issue then. As I say I just bit the bullet and swapped the card out for Intel which I think will save me problems down the line as Intel driver support for Linux is great, Qlogic/broadcom is not...
  20. Qlogic 5771x/578xx driver problem on Proxmox 4.x

    Hi Tadeu, This particular problem didn't stop Proxmox 4.1 installing, it was just a driver issue with my particular 10Gb Qlogic cards that caused IO errors when a high load was introduced. This was fixed by swapping out the cards for Intel models. Where does it get stuck when trying to...


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