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  1. Web Gui keeps logging me out

    Hi there, fresh install of Proxmox 5.4-5 and noticing that the Webgui will log me out after a few minutes. Is there a way to turn off this 'feature'? I'm not having any issue with 5.4-3 on another machine. Seb
  2. Poor pveperf performance

    I think my proxmox node may not be performing well. According to the man page for pveperf, my FSYNC should be > 200. But I'm getting the below: root@proxmox:~# pveperf CPU BOGOMIPS: 25536.00 REGEX/SECOND: 3462283 HD SIZE: 2451.76 GB (rpool/ROOT/pve-1) FSYNCS/SECOND...
  3. ZFS woes - cannot mount '/': directory not empty

    Hi there proxmoxers, I'm in a real bind. My usually always stable Proxmox install is completely on it's knees right now. I have a SSD + Larger HDD. Only 2 VM's ( pfsense, and a Centos VM used to host docker containers for various things ). There was a power failure here, and upon reboot, my...
  4. [SOLVED] apt-get update not working - "No longer have a Release file"

    Hi there, I've noticed my install of 5.1-32 has started showing some errors in the last few days ( since Nov 25 ). These are to do with 'apt-get update' failing. When I run this from the shell via SSH, I get the following output: root@proxmox:~# apt-get update Ign:1...
  5. LXC container creation fails - TASK ERROR: cannot open directory //rpool: No such file or directory

    I've had some issues with my Proxmox 5.1-41 install. I had issues with ZFS where things weren't mounting, and the WebGUI wasn't working - which turned out to be a badly configured /etc/hosts file. Once this was fixed, things worked, however now I can't get containers working. during my...
  6. Spice SSL error on Linux

    Hi there, I've searched the forums and consulted the wiki, but am unclear on how to solve an issue I'm having. Currently I'm running Proxmox 4.2-2. I just have the self signed cert that came with Proxmox which is fine for me ( it's only being used on my LAN ), I just ignore the warning, and...


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