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  1. [SOLVED] Get container data from old disk

    I rent a dedicated server in remote datacenter and now hard disk is failing. So hard disk is going to be replaced and old disk will be attached for few hours. Since my storage is over 80% I can't backup my lxc container with biggest disk(about 3tb) on local disk. For small containers, I...
  2. [SOLVED] 2 Node ZFS replication not using link0

    I have configured two node cluster using web gui. I set up replication from pve1 -> pve2. In cluster config I setup link0 as main link, however when I test it's using link1. I downloaded 500mb file on virtual machine in pve1 and measured bandwith using iftop. It's definitely using link1...
  3. Scaling beyond single server. Suggestion wanted.

    Hello, I have been running 1U Xeon e5 2620 v4 CPU with 4 Sata SSD(Adata SSD 1tb SSD, very slow for ZFS:( ) configured on ZFS mirrored stripe. It run well for me but it doesn't have enough IO for my VM needs. So I recently we purchased Amd Epyic 7351p with 8 NVME ssd (Intel P4510 1TB) to solve...
  4. Windows guest BSOD, no disk found

    I have windows guest and after power cut, My Windows guest doesn't boot and gives BSOD. Then it entered to recovery mode. When write "list disk" in diskpart, it says "there are no fixed disks to show" I have ZFS Mirrored Striped with ZIL without UPS. Is there way to fix this?
  5. Server crashed: ACPI error

    Hello, My server crashed twice for last days. Last message is ACPI Error: AE_ERROR, While parsing command line (20181213/dbinput-1214) Is this message related to crash?
  6. How to enable "discard" option in Windows KVM.

    Hello, I have a windows 10 VM that I created about 3 years ago. I have allocated it single 2TB disk and uses about 40% of it. I can't select "Discard option" somehow. My host system runs 4x1tb SSD in ZFS (Striped Mirrored) which allows 2TB. My ZFS pool show over 95% usage and I would like...
  7. [SOLVED] Help with setting up 10 zfs disk

    Hello, At the moment I have 4 disk as follows: rpool mirror-0 disk-1 disk-2 mirror-1 disk-3 disk-4 Now that I need to add 6 devices I'm confused. Should I add 3 disk each to existing mirrors? or should I create another 3 mirror with each having 2 disks? What are pros and cons of...
  8. How to disable network time sync permanently

    Hello, I need to stop network time sync feature. Upon reboot it is being enabled.
  9. Adding 2 ssd for both slog and l2arc

    Hello, I have a server with E5 2620 v4, 64GB ram and 4x1tb mushkin Reactor SSD (I know it's consumer grade but it's in ZFS striped mirrored, aka raid 10). Overall I'm happy with performance but I still see 5-15% IO delay during peak load. CPU usage always around 20-40% and RAM is 80-90% all the...
  10. Choosing best hardware for Proxmox

    Hello, I need to know what should be need to get best IO performance from the server. Guests are Linux container running PostgreSQL and Windows server 2012 R2 running MSSQL. Here is my server specs: CPU: Xeon E5 2620v4 RAM: 64 GB DDR4 ECC First I've tried ZFS striped mirror (raid 10 equivalent...
  11. [SOLVED] LXC not starting anymore

    Hello, Everyone. My production server shutdown unexpectedly. Then when I rebooted my ZFS pool was missing and I imported manually. Proxmox boot up and VM are running fine. However, LXC containers are not starting. Log file shows this. lxc-start 1467859119.691 INFO lxc_start_ui -...


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