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  1. Cannot boot PVE 6 on a IBM server

    Hi, I installed PVE 6 with ZFS on two SSD drives on an IBM x3650 M3 server with a H200 SAS controller cross-flashed to IT mode. The installation process ended correctly but after the reboot the server does not boot, nor in UEFI mode nor in legacy mode. If the USB drive is plugged into the server...
  2. Does Proxmox need fast storage?

    Hi, I have a simple question which I would like to share with because I’m interested in you point of view. On a Proxmox server I have fast storage (SSDs or NVMe) and slow storage (SAS or SATA). My fast choice could be to install Proxmox on fast storage and use it also for storing virtual...
  3. [LXC Stability] Cached memory leaks (killing processes (wtf!))

    Hi, I'm suffering this problem on two different Proxmox hosts with two LXC containers: [338962.945187] Memory cgroup out of memory: Kill process 33823 (celery) score 6 or sacrifice child [338962.946422] Killed process 33823 (celery) total-vm:212304kB, anon-rss:51236kB, file-rss:28kB...
  4. Why my container is swapping?

    Thanks. Just to be sure: are you referring to the following workaround? Is it correct that I should apply this on the host node for Proxmox itself and containers and on VMs? Thanks!
  5. Why my container is swapping?

    Thanks! Will moving to KVM solve this problem?
  6. Why my container is swapping?

    Hi, I have a container which has very slow performance, and trying to debug this i realised that it's swapping so much even if it has a lot of RAM memory available: These are the status graphs of the hypervisor: As you can see the host does not seems to be overloaded. Another...
  7. Cannot install on 3 NVMe with RAIDZ-1

    Do you have any prevision about when this will be solved?
  8. Cannot install on 3 NVMe with RAIDZ-1

    Hi. I'm trying to install Proxmox 5.4 on RAIDZ-1 on 3 NVMe drives, but I'm receiving the error "unable to create zfs root pool". NVMe are correctly recognised and I can configure RAIDZ-1 on them: But I'm receiving the following error: Could you help me please?
  9. Broken cluster after upgrade

    I managed in solving the problem running: root@node08:/# systemctl start pve-cluster root@node08:/# pvecm updatecerts (re)generate node files merge authorized SSH keys and known hosts root@node08:/# apt-get -f install Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state...
  10. Broken cluster after upgrade

    Hi, today I made "apt-get dist-upgrade" to my Proxmox hosts, but the upgrade did not finish well and after the cluster was broken. The problem was on the upgrade of pve-manager which cannot be started: root@node07:/home/mattia# apt-get install pve-manager Reading package lists... Done Building...
  11. Unstable cluster

    root@servir01:~# omping -c 600 -i 1 -q servir01 servir02 servir03 servir02 : waiting for response msg servir03 : waiting for response msg servir02 : waiting for response msg servir03 : waiting for response msg servir02 : joined (S,G) = (*,, pinging servir03 : waiting for response...
  12. Unstable cluster

    Hi. I have a three nodes Proxmox cluster with Proxmox 5.2. Expecially one node is failing without any apparent reason and it appears red on the web console. If I recreate the cluster from scratch every machines are green for about 30 minutes, then some nodes become red randomly: PVE version...
  13. pct list endless

    Yes, the cluster is healthy: root@node11:/# pvecm status Quorum information ------------------ Date: Fri Oct 26 21:53:55 2018 Quorum provider: corosync_votequorum Nodes: 11 Node ID: 0x00000002 Ring ID: 8/2380 Quorate: Yes Votequorum...
  14. pct list endless

    Hi, on my Proxmox host I cannot run pct list anymore because it's endless and I don't have any output: root@node11:~# pct list (no return to console...) If I try to run it with strace I get one endless timeout but I cannot realize which program is creating it: root@node11:~# strace pct list...
  15. LXC containers shows host's load average

    Hi, my LXC containers are showing the same load average of the host. I know this is due to some limitations of LXC and I had the same problem with CPU and memory too until some months ago. Now after some upgrades containers are showing the correct information about CPU and memory limits. Why...
  16. Wrong memory usage on KVM VM

    Hi, I am using a pfSense 2.4 (FreeBSD based) virtual machine on KVM and I see a different RAM usage in Proxmox than in the VM itself. Proxmox shows more than 90% of RAM usage (~ 15Gb of 16 Gb): but both pfSense and FreeBSD are showing only 2% of usage: But the virtual machine is giving...
  17. High I/O delay and CPU stuck

    When the virtual machine is stressed and hanged or in idle state? Now the system is idle and I executed these commands. You can find their output in the attached TXT file. Thanks!
  18. High I/O delay and CPU stuck

    This is the memory consumption of the virtual machine on which I have the problem: The RAM consumption of this virtual machine is almost stable at 50% but I have ~50% peaks on I/O delay: How I can debug the I/O delay to find out where I am out of resources? Thanks!
  19. High I/O delay and CPU stuck

    Hi. I have an entry level server (Dell PowerEdge T30, 16 Gb RAM, 2 x 1 Tb SATA hard drives) on which I installed Proxmox 5.1 configured with a ZFS RAID1 pool. I know this is a slow system, but after creating 3 virtual machines the server is terribly slow: continuous high I/O delay and CPU...
  20. unregistered_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free

    Do you know when pve-kernel-4.15 will be released?


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