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  1. gui on server

    You most certainly can run a GUI on vms. Use the spice display on the VM and a spice client on the desktop for a good remote desktop experience Here is a windows 7 desktop (2 displays) and a centos 7 desktop running on a Proxmox 5.2 cluster and displaying on a local desktop. These can be made...
  2. [SOLVED] "Pull the plug" HA without downtime?

    The only virtualization platform that I am aware of that has that feature is Xen (with Remus extensions) Is it worth taking on all the challenges associated with xen for that feature? Maybe engineering something at the network or app level would better serve (load balancing or CARP)?
  3. Backuping one host at a time

    The ability to do what you ask is already available. Take note that you can select which hosts to backup in the backup scheduler. You need only select any node that you want to backup and specify a host and a time. Duplicate it and select a different host and time.
  4. Speed Up Backup

    Why not use a zfs replication task?
  5. [SOLVED] Using Already Established Disk in Proxmox VM

    Perhaps the wiki will have a better presentation? If you are still stuck give us more information to go on.
  6. proxmox ve best network configuration

    You are correct. I misread his question. You correctly answered it. Sorry :-)
  7. proxmox ve best network configuration

    Here is an example of what you are asking for. I wrote this some time ago but the same config is in use today. Each bridge splits out an individual vlan: This can be done with OVS as well.
  8. Node shutdown and reboot planning

    The first part of your request is rather vague. How do you define inactive? CPU usage is below a threshold? Network activity is down? Part two of your request can already be done using native linux tools or a remote execution/config management tool. I prefer saltstack. The API makes cpu and...
  9. Proxmox installation via PXE: solution

    Installing over top of debian is pretty painless. Writing a salt state to install proxmox on top would be trivial. Ansible role is also available here .
  10. Virsh and OVS alternative for Security Onion on Proxmox

    Sorry, Look again. I have two bonds bond 0 and bond 0.9 eth0 is the only network card. You might have looked at the post where I showed what my network config would look like with 2 network cards. ETA Perhaps you missed the link in that post to an earlier post I made where I detail my...
  11. Screen of VM insert ProxMox CLI

    You could give a physical video card to the vm with pci passthrough. You could also pass the mouse and keyboard in with usb passthrough. X2go is also a possibility depending on what your actual needs are. What problem are you trying to solve that require you to access a debian VM's GUI...
  12. Proxmox - is it right choice?

    You will find plenty of helpful hints in the forums for USB passthrough then.
  13. Proxmox - is it right choice?

    Maybe this is something you have already considered but how will you be attaching to audiophile linux? Directly attaching a DAC to the proxmox server? USB? SPDIF output from the host machine?
  14. Virsh and OVS alternative for Security Onion on Proxmox

    I believe you will find this thread from a few months ago useful.
  15. Proxmox - is it right choice?

    Apologies, I have been misusing a term. When I referred to ARC I should have been using the term L2ARC. ARC refers to the in ram cache.
  16. Proxmox - is it right choice?

    I run a dedicated SSD split between ZIL and ARC. I then run 4 disks in a raidz-1 setup. The OS is on another disk but it could just as easily be on zfs.
  17. Proxmox - is it right choice?

    If you only have a few disks and no ssd for zil/arc then you probably would be disappointed by zfs performance. It would be better to use lvm or container files (qcow etc). 4 disks for zfs and a smaill ssd for zil/arc gives quite satisfactory performance.
  18. Access LXC IP programmatically

    You can use ssh command keys to execute a pre defined script with parameters provided at runtime . See for details. Using pct exec -- hostname -I will give you just the IP address which will make it...
  19. Migration from KVM to Proxmox

    I am not familiar with Virtualizer but chances are you will find the virtual machines' disk (Virtualizer side) under /dev/mapper. The process would then be to backup or dump the contents of that lvm partition to a file. Create a VM under proxmox with comparable settings (disk size, memory etc)...
  20. [SOLVED] Large hidden files in my \dump backup folder

    tsayra is correct. Anytime a backup is interupted/fails there is the potential for these temporary files to be left. You can safely delete them.


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