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  1. Proxmox error log

    Hi Alwin, i have remove queues settings but still facing this issue.
  2. Proxmox error log

    Thanks for your reply,is there any option that only affect that particular vm rather than host server. what will be the impact of update cluster nodes as you said. does this update need to restart nodes after update? Here is the vmid.conf file bootdisk: virtio0 cores: 2 cpu: host ide2...
  3. Proxmox error log

    i have 3 Host cluster, in which only 1 VMs is triggering this events. the link you have provided is showing following resolutoin, but i am scared to do this reason is i have no idea what will be the outcome of this after this. these hosts are in production. Resolution Disable Large Receive...
  4. Proxmox error log

    i am not able to find anything different, also running same setup VMs
  5. Proxmox error log

    Thankyou for your reply, i have found out that below logs are also relates to this. what are the reasons and solution for this please help Aug 7 12:08:21 server1 qm[71978]: <root@pam> starting task UPID:TES-HS03:0001192F:107E79E0:5B694565:qmstart:108:root@pam: Aug 7 12:08:21 server1...
  6. Proxmox error log

    Hello guys, i am receiving attached error logs on one of my proxmox host. i have check it via migrating all the VM's to seperate host and same errors was generated on different host. after finding now i know that these logs are due to only 1 VM's machine. i am not able to diagnose it further why...
  7. Windows Server 2016 virtio driver problem

    thankyou for your reply, i have followed this video. but still facing same problem
  8. Windows Server 2016 virtio driver problem

    Hi all, i am trying to install Windows Sever 2016 on Proxmox 5.0.31 and 5.1-46, but not able to provide virtio drivers. i had added virtio-win-0.1.141 drivers but intallation is not able to show any storage. and showing following error.
  9. VM status: paused (internal-error)

    hello again, Host machine crashed, here is the output Apr 27 15:55:13 kernel: [2163277.102810] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at ffffaa1314428268 Apr 27 16:07:42 kernel: [ 0.155259] smpboot: CPU0: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2697 v4 @ 2.30GHz (family: 0x6, model: 0x4f, stepping...
  10. VM status: paused (internal-error)

    here it is syslog, VM paused at 14:53
  11. VM status: paused (internal-error)

    i have stop/start VMs, but still same behavior. why i am not getting any log alert related to this ?
  12. VM status: paused (internal-error)

    unable to resolve it. please help
  13. VM status: paused (internal-error)

    not found anything in logs :S
  14. VM status: paused (internal-error)

    not found any storage related or any other log alert. how can i check it?
  15. VM status: paused (internal-error)

    Hi, One of my Proxmox box Virtual Environment 5.1-46 behaving strange. hanging multiple VMs. # info status VM status: paused (internal-error) please Help..!
  16. PVE 5: VMs hanging Host Server Crashing

    again crashed after update. see the output.. Please help
  17. PVE 5: VMs hanging Host Server Crashing

    updated pve box with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade #pveversion pve-manager/5.1-46/ae8241d4 (running kernel: 4.13.13-6-pve) now keeping it on observation..!
  18. PVE 5: VMs hanging Host Server Crashing

    Hi, i have a PVE 5 server which is hosted 7 VMs, which as working fine since few months. but now from last few days different VMs are hanging and also Host server is crashing. found below logs. please help Mar 13 09:44:05 kernel: NMI watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#36 stuck for 23s...


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