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  1. [SOLVED] Restore OpenVZ to LXC Proxmox 5: A lone zero block at

    When I restore OpenVZ (Proxmox 3) to LXC (Proxmox 5) then error: Even original OpenVZ size is 100GB but the backup file .tar.gz is 149GB, so I add vps size (200GB) option when restore, as shown above.
  2. Proxmox Load Average: make it better to read?

    When Proxmox Load Average show 150 then I can not determine which VPS caused this high load since all VPS CPU < 90%. Is this a way to show load of each VPS so I can see where the 150 come from? NB: currently, I must use enter to each VPS then run #top command 1 by 1
  3. [SOLVED] Avoid Proxmox "cache" on NVME

    If Proxmox using NVME hang (all icons grayed) then I do hard restart, then vps (in my case LXC) will back to several days ago. So any websites in VPS will back to several days ago. How to avoid this? NB: Proxmox 5.4.3 VPS created on secondary disk using NVME with ext4 file system
  4. Windows 2016 RAM Still Incorrect

    Even I already installed latest version of virtio-win iso (virtio-win-0.1.141.iso then virtio-win-0.1.171.iso) Proxmox still report RAM usage is 90%, even inside Windows only use 1GB. Here is my settings: Proxmox 5.3.8 dan guest Win 2016 RAM Ballon=0 HDD and NIC using VirtIO Ballon Service...
  5. Is there a way Proxmox Backup still run but ignore invalid files?

    Is there a way Proxmox Backup still run but ignore invalid files? Bacause Backup will failed if found even only 1 failed/corrupted/invalid file.
  6. pct fsck failed

    I try to resize a container, TASK OK but with error: Image resized. e2fsck 1.43.4 (31-Jan-2017) MMP interval is 10 seconds and total wait time is 42 seconds. Please wait... The superblock could not be read or does not describe a valid ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystem. If the device is valid and it...
  7. How to inspect a high Total Disk Read?

    One of my LXC has very high TOTAL DISK READ, while Total Disk Write is normal. This LXC has 9 TB Total Disk Read while other VPS only several GB. How to know which process doing this high disk write? I'm using latest Proxmox 5.3-5.
  8. [SOLVED] Extract Proxmox Database

    What is the command to extract /var/lib/pve-cluster/config.db to separate *.conf file?
  9. Swap ram does not change inside LXC

    In my Proxmox 5.2, a LXC with 1024 Swap. Change swap to 4096 then stop-start the LXC but swap still 1024: # free -m total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 18000 1675 14261 12 2062 16324 Swap: 1022...
  10. [SOLVED] CT won't start after node disk is full

    One of my CT 6056 (350GB at sdb1) can not save file, after checking I see the CT 6056 hdd usage is 30% but sdb1 was 100%. So I shutdown CT 6056, then move some files from sdb1, now sbd1 has 32% free space. When I start CT 6056, error occures: Job for pve-container@6056.service failed because...
  11. LXC CT won't start, but no error displayed

    When I click start on one of my LXC CT its show "Status Ok", but the CT still not started. Another CT on same server has no problem. # lxc-start -n 656 -F -l DEBUG -o /tmp/lxc-656.log See my attachment: lxc-656.log I have try to update to latest version then restart Server but still not help...
  12. IO Delay per VPS

    I hope Proxmox able to show IO Delay per VPS, so we can faster address which VPS caused big IO delay. I see Total Disk Read/Write has no related to IO Delay. Or is there any tool to see it now?
  13. 1 LXC Makes Server Load 400!

    I really don't understand how LXC works. I have only 10 LXC, CPU usage 20%, but 1 of my LXC has cpu usage 100% and caused Server Load 400! How to prevent this one LXC overloaded whole server? This overloaded LXC has Cores = 1, CPU Limit = 0, CPU Units = 1000
  14. [SOLVED] Iptables NAT does not work on Proxmox 5.2-2 but 5.1 does

    I just try Proxmox 5.2-2 but unfortunately Iptables NAT does not work like Proxmox 5.1 does. # vmbr0: Bridging. Make sure to use only MAC adresses that were assigned to you. auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address gateway bridge_ports...
  15. [SOLVED] pct restore doesn't work with vma?

    I try to restore a 6GB backup to "local-data" disk with new 1000GB size, but look like PCT does not accept vma format: # pct restore 239130 /mnt/backup1/dump/vzdump-qemu-239130-2018_05_19-18_24_35.vma.lzo --rootfs local-data:1000 Formatting '/mnt/data/images/239130/vm-239130-disk-1.raw'...
  16. [SOLVED] KSM not enable by default on Proxmox VE 5

    I think this is Proxmox VE 5 bug. On version 4, KSM automatically active and start sharing when reach 80% of RAM. # systemctl status ksmtuned Unit ksmtuned.service could not be found. # # apt-get install ksm* Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information...
  17. Kernel Panic after upgrade 3.4 can't not open zfs-functions

    After run apt-get dist-upgrade then reboot, I got error: - Kernel Panic ... line 10: can't not open /etc/zfs/zfs-functions See image for details error. Any idea to fix this?
  18. [SOLVED] Failed to Resize LXC: CT File resized but CT OS reports old size

    1. CT is ON ---------------- Resizing CT from 100 GB to 200 GB, Proxmox UI failed message: Image resized. resize2fs 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014) resize2fs: Permission denied to resize filesystem Filesystem at /dev/loop0 is mounted on /tmp; on-line resizing required old_desc_blocks = 7, new_desc_blocks...
  19. Force pvecm to use FQDN?

    How to force "pvecm updatecerts" to use FQDN, I try "pvecm updatecerts --force" but still the Hostname used. Should I manually use openssl? Note: this case happen after I change Hostname then run pvecm updatecerts --force, the result is just the Hostname not FQDN.
  20. [SOLVED] Can not access using Proxmox PHP API

    This script below works fine on several server but only server from Hetzner doesn't. <?php require_once("pve2_api.class.php"); $pve2 = new PVE2_API("my-server-ip", "root", "pam", "my-password"); if ($pve2->login()) { foreach ($pve2->get_node_list() as $node_name) {...


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