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  1. tom

    LinuxDay in Vorarlberg - open-source conference

    On October 10, 2020 Wolfgang Link from Proxmox will be speaking at the LinuxDay Vorarlberg on the upcoming release of the Proxmox Backup Server. The LinuxDay is a free open-source conference open to all interested users (who understand German) and held online this year. You can access the event...
  2. tom

    Proxmox VE Ceph Benchmark 2020/09 - hyper-converged mit NVMe

  3. tom

    Proxmox Backup Server on youtube (ElectronicsWizardry)

    I just stumbled over an introduction video/review about the first beta of our Proxmox Backup Server, see If you do not have time or the hardware to test by yourself, this is good intro.
  4. tom

    How fast is your backup datastore? Benchmark tool

    We provide a small benchmark tool providing some metrics about your datastore on your Proxmox Backup Server, here is an example: root@pbs-20:~# proxmox-backup-client benchmark --repository mybackupstore Uploaded 703 chunks in 5 seconds. Time per request: 7131 microseconds. TLS speed: 588.11...
  5. tom

    Deployment Tips

  6. tom

    Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) LXC template for Proxmox VE

    The brand new 20.04 Ubuntu template for LXC is available for download on Proxmox VE 5.x and 6.x.
  7. tom

    Proxtalks 2019 in Frankfurt

    Am 30. Oktober 2019 ist es wieder soweit und unser Partner stacktrace GmbH organisiert bereits zum 4. Mal die deutschsprachige Konferenz rund um Proxmox VE. Proxtalks 2019 findet wieder in Frankfurt am Main statt. Vor und nach der Konferenz gibt es die Möglichkeit ein Training zu besuchen...
  8. tom

    New Ceph 12.2.10 packages for testing

    We uploaded latest Ceph 12.2.10 packages to our Ceph test repository. Proxmox Ceph test repo deb stretch test Changelog ceph (12.2.10-pve1) stable; urgency=medium New upstream release The bluestore_cache_* options are no longer needed. They are...
  9. tom

    Ceph 12.2.4 packages available

    We uploaded latest Ceph 12.2.4 packages to our Ceph test repository. #Proxmox Ceph test deb stretch test If you have any issues, please post your feedback!
  10. tom

    General Ceph Video

    See this brand new general Ceph promo video. Ceph is one of the core components in Proxmox VE 5.1.
  11. tom

    Ceph backup speed improvements

    We got some significant backup speed improvements (virtual disk is stored on Ceph, backup target is a local disk) (pve-qemu-kvm (2.9.0-4) and latest Ceph luminous rc with bluestore). I reduced backup time in my test VM from 4:21 to 2:17.
  12. tom

    New SPICE Guest Tools package for Windows (0.132)

    The SPICE team released a new SPICE Guest Tools package for Windows. See the announcement: I tested it on windows 10 VM, works nice.
  13. tom

    HowTo: Upgrade Ceph Hammer to Jewel

    We just published a new wiki page describing the upgrade from Ceph Hammer to Jewel (10.2.5 or higher). Before you start, make sure that you run very latest Proxmox VE 4.4. The upgrade HowTo New Ceph Server installations (with Jewel)...
  14. tom

    Install Windows 2016 Server on Proxmox VE (Video tutorial)

    We just created a short tutorial for installing a current windows. This includes VirtIO drivers, Qemu-disk agent and Balloon Service installation inside Windows. We used windows 2016, but its also the same for Windows 10. We used the VirtIO drivers from the Fedora project. Install Windows 2016...
  15. tom

    Do NOT use SUSE virtio drivers from Windows Update

    Microsoft offered WHQL certified Redhat Virtio drivers via windows updates sinces some weeks, they worked great. But now, they are offering SUSE virtio drivers via optional windows update (started on 8. december 2015) - which is not working and produces BSOD. So please do NOT install them! (I...
  16. tom

    Dell VRTX with Proxmox VE 4.0

    Hi all, Due to the lack of such a box in our testlabs, we cannot test Proxmox VE 4.0 on Dell VRTX. Are there any experiences with Dell VRTX boxes and Proxmox VE already?
  17. tom

    DRBD9 / drbdmanage upgrade from 0.49 to 0.50

    inplace upgrading drbdmanage from 0.49 to 0.50 does not work and destroy existing clusters and a re-creation is needed. so please backup all your data before updating. future drbdmanage releases inplace upgrade from 0.50 to 1.0.0 and also 1.x should work inplace upgrade from 1.x to 2.x is...
  18. tom

    New LXC templates - CentOS 7 and ArchLinux

    we just uploaded two new LXC templates. CentOS 7 ArchLinux you can download them directly on the GUI via our template downloader. if you have an outdated list, just run (this is done automatically on a daily basis): > pveam update if you want to download the manually, see...
  19. tom

    fix for centos 7 container networking

    In order to get rid of problems with venet0 when running a CentOS 7 container (OpenVZ), just activate the patch as follows: transfer the patchfile to your working directory into Proxmox VE host and extract it (unzip) stay in that directory and perform the following...
  20. tom

    grub2 update problems for 3.4 (GUI only), leading to not correctly installed packages

    Doing a package upgrade via GUI is not working in some situations, due to the latest grub2 updates. the problem is already found and also fixed, but the fix is in the new packages and installing them via GUI will move you into this issue. Best way to workaround the issue do NOT use the GUI for...


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