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  1. Suggestion: Show OS template version being used

    Wanted to make a suggestion IF the actual OS version can be show in container settings in "options | OS type "... Be useful to see which version is actually being used instead of just showing the distro.
  2. Update & Upgrade Proxmox VE to new version

    I've updated my apt sources.list to reflect the no subscription configuration. I've done the apt-update and apt-dist-upgrade however I don't see the new version being reflected in the GUI dashboard. I was on 6.1.3 and expect to be on 6.2 release. I've rebooted after the upgrade. I also noticed...
  3. Upgrade of Proxmox VE

    I've updated my apt sources.list to reflect the no subscription configuration. I've done the apt-update and apt-dist-upgrade however I don't see the new version being reflected in the GUI dashboard. I was on 6.1.3 and expect to be on 6.2 release. I've rebooted after the upgrade. I also noticed...
  4. Containers using Ubuntu18.04 networking not working

    I'm running proxmox 6.1-3 and when I create a container using template ubuntu 18.04 networking don't seem to work outside of the local network. I can ping the gateway BUT can't ping nothing from outside like google dns It seems weird as I have some other vms with same template and it...
  5. SSH Keys host node

    Hi, I'm noticing a ssh key being inserted automatically inside the host node and wanting to know how/why is it? I have created and added my own keys BUT I'm also seeing an additional key being inserted. I delete it and it comes back again. Any advise/suggestions how to fix or resolve this. Could...
  6. Proxmox Mail Gateway vs Email Server

    Hey sorry for the dumb question. But, trying to understand if PMG same as using a email server like iRedMail? Is the gateway providing same as a typical email server? Are folks using PMG + a Email Server? Can PMG act as both?
  7. PMG memory pegged at 90%

    Hi, I'm just now trying out PMG and did a fresh new install and see memory pegged at 92 percent. There's nothing done after the install so I'm surprise why its taking up all that memory. I've got a 2g ram install.
  8. Confirm current running template from backups

    I've had several backups of a VM. I'd like to know if there's a way to confirm which of the restored backup the VM is running. Thanks in advance for feedback.
  9. Adding notes field when creating backups

    Hi, I was wondering on the possibility to adding a notes field when creating a backup so that one can add some comments relevant to the backups. I think this would help to identify which backups to restore as well by referencing the notes.
  10. Cluster Container / KVM keep them synchronize

    I know proxmox has clustering of physical nodes. I'm wondering if there way to cluster one or more exact VM (container or kvm) and keep them synchronize. The clustered VMs would be behind a load balancer so if one VM have access or performance issue the other VM would pick up and serve traffic...
  11. Cluster and/or Synchronize VM on same host node

    Wanted to know if there's any solution for clustering a number of VM and keep them synchronize on the same Proxmox host node. I'm asking as I'm doing load balancing to backend VM and want to learn methods for having those VM synchronize behind the LB. Appreciate any feedback on this!
  12. FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/4.2.2-1-pve/modules.dep:

    Hi, hope someone can help me with the encountered error below. I'm installing a hosting webpanel inside a CentOS 6 container lxc and during the installed it failed to complete with the error below. ]# FATAL: Could not load /lib/modules/4.2.2-1-pve/modules.dep: From host node I do see this...
  13. Suggestion: Provide <previous> button during install

    Hi, just wanted to make a small suggestion to provide a "previous" or "back" button during install to allow one to correct/change install options.
  14. Problem starting KVM guess - Getting failed error

    Hi, i'm hoping someone can help me figure out this issue. I've done a fresh install of proxmox 3.4.1... Created a KVM guess which was created fine but when I try to start the kvm i get this error below. Note: able to create vz containers ok.
  15. Support 2 WAN IP's to single interface Eth0

    Hi, I have hosted dedicated server with 2 NICs Eth0 & Eth1. (Eth0 is my public facing interface WAN & Eth1 is for private IP's which will support all internal VM's). I'd like to see some examples on how to configure the WAN interfaces and how the internal VM's route to either of the WAN...
  16. apt-get update failing

    Hi doing a update from gui and getting error below - Am I missing something??? starting apt-get update Get:1 wheezy/updates Release.gpg [836 B] Get:2 wheezy/updates Release [102 kB] Get:3 wheezy Release.gpg [1655 B]...
  17. Getting locked out firewall after some networking changes.

    Hi, seems I'm having some similar issues similar to this post: I had proxmox fw working fine with only 2 basic rules allowing ssh & webgui access to hostnode from a specific IP. All was working fine until I added an...
  18. Few questions about Proxmox Firewall

    Hi, just now testing out the Proxmox FW and have a few questions below. - I see a "Firewall" tab in both Datacenter View and Node View... What is the difference with the two. - I created a rule that don't seem to work. I'm creating a rule to allow connection to Hostnode via specific external...
  19. Ability to view a VM filesystem with Proxmox GUI

    Was wondering if possible to access/view a VM filesystem from within Proxmox web-gui and offer ways to archive & backup/restore specific directory within a VM? Also, providing disk usage stats on individual VM filesystem would be nice. Any thoughts on this?
  20. NFS Share Storage not working for me

    Hi, I've read through several threads on setting up backup storage and can't seem to get this working. Not sure what I'm not understanding but tried different things. Hope someone can help! I have a dedicated server running proxmox 3.0 and I've signed up for a cloud storage service with my...


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