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  1. /dev/pve/data/ not mounted after fresh 4.2 install

    hello! what i may mount /dev/pve/data for copy files to it from console/mc at proxmox >4.2? i trying "mount /dev/mapper/pve-data /mnt/data -o rw,user" and see: "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mapper/pve-data, missing codepage or helper program, or other error...
  2. cluster 2-node problem (596)

    fixed! thx this forum
  3. cluster 2-node problem (596)

    I see: second node not reply to pveproxy port (8006). Port listen (netstat: pveproxy), but no get data. access.log empty after adding node to cluster..
  4. cluster 2-node problem (596)

    Hello! Problem: at second node in gui. First node (i connected to this) normally. Main node: cat cluster.conf <?xml version="1.0"?> <cluster name="cluster" config_version="9"> <cman keyfile="/var/lib/pve-cluster/corosync.authkey" transport="udpu"> </cman> <clusternodes> <clusternode...
  5. GUI problem after cluster reset

    new info from log: problem with client MY_IP; rsa_padding_check_pkcs1_type_1: block type is not 01 pveproxy[26844]: Can't call method "timeout_reset" on an undefined value at /usr/share/perl5/PVE/ line 225.
  6. GUI problem after cluster reset

    now second node is not added, i need one node (main) and gui..
  7. GUI problem after cluster reset

    long time view message "waiting quorum", after about 10 mins view: OK. But in web-interface i view all nodes offline. I added ips of all nodes in hosts file, restart network, but network on VMs not started.. i reboot main node, but network again not started. i backup /etc/pve folder, clean...
  8. GUI problem after cluster reset

    i added this repository # PVE pve-no-subscription repository provided by, NOT recommended for production use deb wheezy pve-no-subscription and install pve-manager, restarting all pve services. Now a have older problem: message "Server offline?"...
  9. GUI problem after cluster reset

    oh.. aptitude install pve-manager No candidate version found for pve-manager what i may install pve-manager packet?
  10. GUI problem after cluster reset

    its main node, working server. i create new cluster after first problem at GUI (message "Server offline?" after login). yes, and pveproxy too, no results now only 1 nodes (main) in cluster, second node offline.. after this problem, at night, i trying adding to cluster
  11. GUI problem after cluster reset

    trying update-ca-certificates --fresh no result
  12. GUI problem after cluster reset

    root@z4907:/var/log# pvecm status Version: 6.2.0 Config Version: 1 Cluster Name: cluster Cluster Id: 13364 Cluster Member: Yes Cluster Generation: 92 Membership state: Cluster-Member Nodes: 1 Expected votes: 1 Total votes: 1 Node votes: 1 Quorum: 1 Active subsystems: 5 Flags: Ports Bound: 0 Node...
  13. GUI problem after cluster reset

    in access.log - - - [29/Jan/2016:13:03:51 +0300] "GET /pve2/ext4/pvemanagerlib.js HTTP/1.1" 501 - - - [29/Jan/2016:13:03:51 +0300] "GET /pve2/ext4/locale/ext-lang-en.js HTTP/1.1" 501 - - - [29/Jan/2016:13:03:52 +0300] "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 501 - - - [29/Jan/2016:13:04:59 +0300] "GET /...
  14. GUI problem after cluster reset

    Hello! i trying adding second node to cluster, fail and clear cluster configuratin (backup /etc/pve and respore VM conf files and root files in folder). Reboot node and trying load gui: have "Server offline?" message after authorize. i remove pve-manager package and install again from...
  15. 100% cpu at node, pvecluster restart fixed this

    currenty i create script #!/bin/bash loadavg=`uptime | grep -o 'load average.*' | cut -c 15-18` maxavg=1 fileflag="/tmp/loadavg_email_sended" email="" if [ $(echo "$loadavg > $maxavg" | bc) -eq 1 ] && [ ! -f $fileflag ] then echo "!!! loadavg at $(echo `hostname`) is BIG...


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