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  1. CEPH warning: too many PGs per OSD (225 > max 200)

    Hi, I just updated my cluster today to: proxmox-ve: 5.1-30 (running kernel: 4.13.8-3-pve) from the previous version and I got the warning above. Having followed all the advice (using PG calculator etc) when I set up the cluster and having updated and rebooted many times over the past few...
  2. After 5.1 update, local-lvm cannot be selected for new kvm or container

    I have the same boot error - how did you solve it please?
  3. How to backup VM's on a 4 node cluster to USB drive

    Thank you for your answer, I now realise my question was badly worded - apologies for that. I want to back up my VM's to an external USB drive. I mounted the USB drive on node1 and added it as storage for VM backups, at which point all the nodes gained a storage icon that I thought was pointing...
  4. How to backup VM's on a 4 node cluster to USB drive

    Hi all, What would be a good way to back up a cluster to an external USB drive? Has anyone done this at all?
  5. CEPH: HEALTH_WARN mon 1 is low on available space

    Figured out the issue - it was backups going into the wrong place.....
  6. CEPH: HEALTH_WARN mon 1 is low on available space

    Any suggestions as to what can be done? This is a vanilla 4 node proxmox install with CEPH with 3 VM's currently. Not yet in use really so I was very surprised to see this crop up. This is the output from df ... Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on udev 16G...
  7. CEPH: HEALTH_WARN mon 1 is low on available space

    Hi, I'm not sure what to do about this, can anyone help? The problem seems to be in /dev/mapper/pve-root - I'm not sure what this is. proxmox-ve: 5.0-20 (running kernel: 4.10.17-2-pve) pve-manager: 5.0-30 (running version: 5.0-30/5ab26bc) pve-kernel-4.10.17-2-pve: 4.10.17-20...
  8. Invalid server ID

    I've had to rebuild a node in my cluster and when I try to add the subscription ID - I get the error: "Invalid server Id" Please let me know what to do... Thanks!
  9. help please: pveceph purge fails

    I'm trying to remove ceph on a node in a 4 node cluster before rebuilding the node. I have destroyed the OSD, removed the manager and monitor from the node. I removed the monitor IP's from storage.cfg I ran: pveceph stop Then ran: pveceph purge and got: detected running ceph services-...
  10. mount ceph storage as extra disk in vm

    My GUI blindness I guess! I can now see that there's an add disk option for a VM....
  11. mount ceph storage as extra disk in vm

    How can you mount some extra ceph storage in a linux vm? I'm sure this must easy but I can't see it right now!
  12. Issue adding CEPH pools via GUI (PVE5.0-30)

    pretty sure that was the issue thanks. The create pool dialog is different now.
  13. Issue adding CEPH pools via GUI (PVE5.0-30)

    root@clus1:~# ceph status cluster: id: 9f23f6cf-8065-48fe-a059-25d7842d85b1 health: HEALTH_OK services: mon: 4 daemons, quorum 0,1,2,3 mgr: clus1(active), standbys: clus3, clus4, clus2 osd: 4 osds: 4 up, 4 in data: pools: 1 pools, 300 pgs objects: 0...
  14. Issue adding CEPH pools via GUI (PVE5.0-30)

    I tried it any way from the command line and it apparently worked fine. I can also now see it in the GUI.
  15. Issue adding CEPH pools via GUI (PVE5.0-30)

    Is there anything you can advise I look into as everything I've looked at seems OK?


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