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  1. Proxmox with areca 1882LP Raid controller getting incorrect smartctl status

    Hi, This isn't a problem unique to proxmox but I wanted to check if the SMART info in the 'Disks' view was coming from smartctl? Reason being, with this controller, you need to use another method to get proper smartctl information. Is there any way to get the correct information into the GUI...
  2. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Looking here I should be able to able to change the prefix But couldn't seen advanced options, is that now 'more options'? Did me editing the tag mark it as solved or was that you? Having a 'slow' day clearly!
  3. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Equal apologies for the delay, life got in the way. I'll redo at some point and update this with what I find but nothing more for you to answer. Thanks for all the help! PS You're absolutely right about bumping the config version!
  4. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    I don't mind starting again and will probably do that. I think the answer is ignore the GUI and do it by CLI as the GUI does it incorrectly? If it's the latter I thought you guys should know. I don't know, It seems strange to me that the nodes are using two seperate networks 172. for proxmox...
  5. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Hmm, and the corosync.confs seems out of line as well, in that they mix the 172 and 192 addresses in ring0. But as least they both look the same proxrml proxplay
  6. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Thanks for sticking with me here Chris, know it must be painful but it really is hugely appreciated. I think it all comes back to the first node being wrong doesn't it? Look for cat /etc/pve/.members under 'proxmox.rml pvecm status output' in my first post, where only proxrml was in the...
  7. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    I think that pvecm updatecerts Has got rid of the errors but if anyone is kind enough to confirm whether corosync.conf and pvecm status look ok now? Is it ok to keep the quorum at 1 in a 2 node cluster? it looks like it may have been set back to 2 anyway (?)
  8. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    That's kind of my main question. I thought I had set that by putting in proxrml.cluster.rml in the box when setting up the cluster but I still don't know what I should have done differently at this point However, I added the 2nd one (proxplay) to the cluster but it's screwed up, stopping when...
  9. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Ok, I think that makes sense to me, thanks and I completely appreciate that using a point to point cable probably isn't the best way to link the two servers. You can still know you're IP if it's through DHCP but reserved. Bit off to do it that way I guess but it's handy as all IPs are then...
  10. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Thanks Chris, Sounds like a good solution and I'll add it manually but, just for my own understanding, is there something I should have done differently so do it through the GUI. Seems wrong.
  11. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    I *think* multicast is ok? Over 172. address Over 192 address
  12. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    thanks Chris /etc/pve/corosync.conf Off to read those sections now
  13. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Sorry to be a pain but is bumping allowed here - bit stuck
  14. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    This is the bit that's confusing me. I've posted my /etc/hosts but appreciate that's a lot to look through so I'll try to summarise proxrml.rml is the machine that I'm creating the cluster on It get's 172.X.X.X address from dhcp is manually applied by the /etc/network/interfaces...
  15. [SOLVED] Creating first cluster and have wrong IP

    Aha, thanks again That page looks very useful and I'll sit down and read it all. Potentially "Separate After Cluster Creation" I may actually find it easier through the CLI rather than the GUI actually but that's what I tried. Can I just check a couple of things whilst I have you there please...


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