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  1. Iptable nat rule for openvpn access ?

    ok, so all modules seems ok ... Then, i want to activate internet access trough the vpn server. So i need to forward all the trafic who came in the vpn to go on venet0:0 ? i've tried : iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s '' -o -j MASQUERADE but doesn't works ... Any ideas ?
  2. Iptable nat rule for openvpn access ?

    Hi, I've setted up an openvpn server on a openvz ve, and i want to add to is venet a iptable nat (masquerade) rule. So i've tried on the vm but i got an error msg who said thats nat module isn't loaded ... Then i want to know if i can load this module in my vm (in the vz.conf ?) but witch...
  3. OpenVPN with Masquerade support

    A OpenVPN distribution, with iptable masquerade support will be very usefull ...
  4. Proxmox VE 0.9beta2 released!

    Just for information, if you're on an ovh server ... don't upgrade !! All my vm doesn't start ! :(
  5. Possible VA's

    Maybe a virtalmin server (gpl licence) !
  6. Java VNC doesn't load in ubuntu hardy

    it's very strange, i'm on a 32 bits version ... and it doesn't work !
  7. Java VNC doesn't load in ubuntu hardy

    Hi ! In ubuntu hardy, & firefox 3b5 the vnc applet java doesn't work ! Is there any way to make it works ? or a way to have the vnc connection information to connect via a real client ?
  8. Install without iso on debian ?

    yeah ! it woks perfectly !
  9. Install without iso on debian ?

    Hi, I wanna install proxmox ve on my dedicated server host by, and i cant run an install on a iso, then it's possible to install a debian etch amd64 clean, and install all packages from the repo : deb etch pve The config files are genrated during the...


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