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  1. Mail gateway cluster set up

    Thanks for the hint, actually I *did* use the built-in support for ACME. Seems like something is going wrong then with updating the fingerprints. I will investigate further when it happens the next time. Philipp
  2. Mail gateway cluster set up

    @Dave.r: In my case, the error happened in an already existing cluster. I faced the - presumably - same issue recently (with PMG 7.0-7) and found - it seems that due to Let's Encrypt being used, the fingerprint...
  3. Mail gateway cluster set up

    Completely removing the cluster (i. e. removing /etc/pmg/cluster.conf from both master and node) and recreating the cluster from the UI solved the issue for me.
  4. Mail gateway cluster set up

    Same problem here with 6.4-4. Logged in the GUI and both nodes (master/slave) said "master ERROR: fingerprint '54:03:74:39:BD:CF:A4:C7:XXXXXX' not verified, abort!" Deleted the slave from the master config, removed /etc/pmg/cluster.conf to re-join the cluster, but to no avail...
  5. Proxmox Backup Client Hangs

    No more issues seen with 0.9.7. Thank you again!
  6. Proxmox Backup Client Hangs

    Looks like the issue is still reproducible - backup is stuck for ~10 mins now :-( Do I misinterpret;a=shortlog and the fix is in 0.9.7? root@jackie:~/backups$ proxmox-backup-client version client version: 0.9.6 root@jackie:~/backups$ top (...)...
  7. Proxmox Backup Client Hangs

    Thank you for the quick response and the immediate fix!
  8. Proxmox Backup Client Hangs

    Same here. Server and client have 0.9-4. 2020-11-04T10:24:42+01:00: starting new backup on datastore 'pvth_jackie': "host/jackie/2020-11-04T09:24:42Z" 2020-11-04T10:24:42+01:00: protocol upgrade done 2020-11-04T10:24:42+01:00: GET /previous 2020-11-04T10:24:42+01:00: download 'index.json.blob'...
  9. Regex pattern for username inconsistent CLI vs. WebUI

    Right after hitting the "Post" button, I realized my mistake: The CLI expects the realm, i. e.: proxmox-backup-manager user create test_2@pbs --password test2 ...which then works!
  10. Regex pattern for username inconsistent CLI vs. WebUI

    Hi, I have created several users via the WebUI which always contain an underscore in their username. This works: I now tried to automate the user creation by a script, but had to realize that the CLI does not accept usernames with an underscore. root@jane:~# proxmox-backup-manager user...


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