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  1. NFS Problems

    quick update: it appears to be caused by using sec=krb5p for the nfs share. krb5 and krb5i work fine. Possibly a ganesha issue.
  2. NFS Problems

    Not sure if this is a Proxmox or TrueNAS/Ganesha issue but I just switched over my TrueNAS Core server to TrueNAS Scale (22.02-RC.1-2, Kernel 5.10.70+truenas) for testing and run into a similar issue. I mount a NFS share (nfsv4 with kerberos) in Proxmox and my VM backup job targets this storage...
  3. Proxmox VE 7.1 released!

    Just to add a setup having issues with io_uring Async IO: Dell R710 with PERC H700 Raid Controller. 6 SAS Disks RAID 10. Older CPUs (2x E5640). About 15 VMs running CentOS 8 Stream, VirtIO SCSI Controller, Raw Disks, no cache, xfs Filesystem. After latest Proxmox update VMs sporadically became...
  4. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    Problem solved: Issue was an old ceph repository (nautilus). I do not use ceph but after updating it to ceph pacific the kept back packages were suggested for autoremove. I somehow missed to update that apt source file.
  5. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    EDIT: Problem solved, see next post I was able to remove dh-python so that was not required. Not sure why it was installed in the first place. Upgrading any of the other remaining "held back" packages explicitly would result in pve packages being removed. root@pve01:~# apt install python2...
  6. Proxmox VE 7.0 released!

    Habe soeben mein Homelab von 6.4 auf 7.0 aktualisiert. Lief ohne Probleme durch - vielen Dank Proxmox Team! Einzig die folgende Meldung "stört" nun bei einem apt update/upgrade: The following packages have been kept back: dh-python libpython2-stdlib libpython2.7-minimal libpython2.7-stdlib...
  7. NFS4 and Kerberos

    Sorry to revive this old thread, but I stumbled across this while looking to a solution to my problem: I could not access a nfs4 share which was restricted to a freeipa/ldap user/group (chmod 770). I copied a user keytab to my proxmox instance and do a kinit via cron. Getting a tgt for that user...
  8. How can I increase the disk size.

    After you increased the size in the proxmox GUI you have to increase the available space in the guest OS as well. You can use this guide: (although the first part is for vmware but the steps on the guest OS remain the same). The only thing that might not apply to...
  9. PVE4 reboot hang at "reached target shutdown"

    This just happened to me after updating from 4.3 to 4.4. This is on a Dell R710 using firmware (of october 2016 I think). I left it alone for 4h but it never reboots.
  10. tun devices in ve 4 (lxc)

    I just started using LXC containers on a test node and also wanted to get an OpenVPN server started on CentOS 7. I tried using the solution offered by "eth" and while my proxmox doesn't lock up I can't get the /dev/net/tun device to show up in the container. root@pve:~# pveversion...
  11. Slow backups

    What is your rsize and wsize set to? Maybe post the relevant entry output of $>mount?
  12. How to disable vulnerable SSL 3.0 protocol in proxmox

    I tried disabling the following ciphers from being used in firefox's about:config one by one as they were being utilized according to chrome: security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_256_sha security.ssl3.rsa_aes_128_sha security.ssl3.rsa_aes_256_sha...
  13. Slow backups

    When I turn off compression everything works fine. INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 254 --node pve --remove 0 --storage freenas_backup_vm_daily --mode stop INFO: Starting Backup of VM 254 (qemu) INFO: status = stopped INFO: update VM 254: -lock backup INFO: backup mode: stop INFO: ionice...
  14. Slow backups

    Hopefully this is not off topic but I experience a problem which might be related with my homelab setup: Proxmox 4.1 running on a r710 (2x E5640, 96 GB RAM, 6x 146 GB SAS 15k Raid10) and a seperate FreeNAS Box (Pentium G3450, 16GB RAM, 6x3TB WD Red in RaidZ2). When I backup my VMs to my FreeNAS...
  15. How to disable vulnerable SSL 3.0 protocol in proxmox

    I am also interested in this. I just did a fresh install of 4.1 (coming from 3.4?) and now Firefox just refuses to load the page while Chrome simply gives the same warning as Ovidiu mentioned above (obsolete cipher suite). I have tried to put various combinations of the output from '$ openssl...


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