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  1. High host iowait new VMs vs imported VMs

    Something weird going on & could use help. Dell R710, 2x E5645 CPU, 96gb ram, PERC 6i, 2x 128gb SAS raid1 for OS, 6x 300gb SAS raid5 for storage. Storage volume configured as single ZFS pool. PVE 5.3-7 Dec 2018: Used backup/restore process to import 1 Windows & 5 Linux VMs from a PVE 4.X...
  2. Docker-Machine driver for Proxmox

    @LnxBil understood, just saying that i'd be willing to pitch in some $ to help move the idea along when the time comes.
  3. Docker-Machine driver for Proxmox

    Resurrecting an old thread but I'd be willing to pitch in to see this done. I use Rancher which supports using docker-machine to spin up VMs in vmware so surely it could be done in PVE. @tom @dietmar @martin Can one of you message me? I'd like to change my username if possible. Thanks
  4. Network connections best practices

    Any suggestions for when you want to connect to multiple switches? I have 6 nics in each server and have created 3 bonds & 3 bridges. I'm wanting to run one cable from each bond pair to a different managed switch. I can't create any trunks on the switches as they aren't linked (though they are...
  5. HP Proliant problem, proxmox 3.0

    I know that this is several months old but I was running into the same problem recently with some BL360 G6 blades. After much trial and error I figured out that my BIOS had one of the onboard NICs had network boot enabled and even though I had the HDDs set to boot first it still wouldn't work...
  6. Bounty Program

    Proxmox staff, Have you ever tossed around the idea of implementing a bounty program to serve as another source of revenue stream? You could put a system in place where customers submit feature requests, you estimate how many programming hours & dollars it would take to implement that...
  7. Proxmox VE Training

    Dallas, TX here. I'm actually putting together some labs for Proxmox for free hands on training at my local Linux Users Group meetings. If you have some written labs already made up that you would allow me to use and redistribute that would make my endeavor much easier.
  8. Details about the new pve-no-subscripton repository

    Dietmar, I realize that emotions are running pretty high right now but you might want to remember that as an employee of Proxmox you represent them in everything you say and do. And as we seem to like to say in the US, "Everything you say can and will be used against you...." so these words...
  9. ProxmoxVE will change LICENCE?

    I got $1340 for 10 blades not counting the vat you mentioned. The $3k number I mentioned is the cost of a new blade. Thankfully our electricity is included in our rent. Been thinking about looking into their reseller program.
  10. ProxmoxVE will change LICENCE?

    Maybe it's all the different primary languages that is causing me confusion, but can someone explain this in layman's terms for me. I'm not going to get into the politics of licensing, cost, or software packages. I migrated our quite old 10 blade 2-socket, quad-core CPU infrastructure from...
  11. network issue with multiple NICs

    You're probably going to want to SSH in and do "dmesg | grep eth" and confirm that the NIC mac addresses and names match up as you are wanting them to be. If it doesn't then you'll need to change the IP addresses around to match the NIC naming. I've found that in multi-NIC systems the eth names...
  12. Benchmarking VMs shows impossibly high disk read speeds

    Found a thread asking for the following but didn't want to hijack theirs. root@pxm1:~# cat /etc/pve/qemu-server/100.conf boot: cdn bootdisk: sata0 cores: 1 ide2: none,media=cdrom memory: 2048 name: win7 net0: e1000=C2:8B:18:DA:13:46,bridge=vmbr0 ostype: win7 sata0...
  13. Benchmarking VMs shows impossibly high disk read speeds

    I have something weird going on. Have a Win7 VM with the OS drive on a qcow vdisk on local storage. Have a second qcow vdisk on a NFS share and a third vdisk on an iSCSI LVM. Using iometer in an attempt to benchmark NFS vs iSCSI performance. With iSCSI I can see it both reading from & writing to...
  14. Reset Web Password

    Thanks, I guess that I missed the part about where the web interface and the ssh login were the same. What's odd about that is that I had tried the ssh password on the web interface and it still wouldn't let me login. Once I changed the ssh password I was able to login via the web.
  15. Reset Web Password

    I seem to have forgotten the password to login to the web interface but I still have ssh access. How do we reset the root login for the web interface? I've tried looking through the FAQs and the manuals but didn't find an answer.


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