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  1. Failed to start Import ZFS pool message on boot

    I agree on it not really being a problem since everything work, but that make me wonder what happen exactly, or if disabling that script could be an idea
  2. Failed to start Import ZFS pool message on boot

    Hello, I've just done a fresh install of proxmox, added a drive as ZFS to the server and called it "data" and during boot I got the message: But the system continue to boot and the drive is mounted and work correctly. After looking around internet and the forum I did not find somebody with...
  3. [SOLVED] Web UI session timeout

    It appear to have stopped and work like before... Not sure to understand why it acted like that during a good hour I will keep watch on the time if it happen again. Sorry for having post this so quickly and took your time :(
  4. [SOLVED] Web UI session timeout

    Yes the time is at the correct day and hour. My Bios clock was reset this morning (MB battery issue, I need to replace it), but I set everything correctly before the OS boot and the date was ok at that time, still is when I have just checked now
  5. [SOLVED] Web UI session timeout

    Hello, I started using proxmox for the first time two week ago, and really like it. I got the habit to open a session on the webui and leaving it running in the bacground while sometime monitoring how everything goes and just continue working with it when I needed/wanted to without any issues...
  6. Migration from Debian to Proxmox on a NUC

    For now it is at least the best harware I have that wont hurt my electricity bill at the end of the month and the same system is already running since 2-3 years on it's brother without the Proxmox UI, I do not know how much more than the 4GB currently used it will require really, but my hopes...
  7. Migration from Debian to Proxmox on a NUC

    I see, well, if it write everything in /var/log I can move it to the ZFS part to preserve it's life, or I guess that in the worst case I can temporarly set it in tmpfs if I need too. But for you, except the part where the RAM size is a little low everything seem doable? If I am right I have...
  8. Migration from Debian to Proxmox on a NUC

    I can't deny that I am limited by the RAM for now, I plan to upgrade later for something better but it wont be before some month or even a year :confused: I mostly self-host everything on it, so I plan to again have a little of everything running inside (LDAP, minio, MySQL, pgSQL, seafile...
  9. Migration from Debian to Proxmox on a NUC

    Hello everyone, Before trying to migrate (or convert) what I have to a Proxmox system, I wanted to check with you if that is something viable to do. For the harware I have an Asrock Beebox J3455, that contain a... J3455 (quad core @1.5Ghz to 2.3Ghz), 8GB of RAM (the maximum possible), an...


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