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  1. encrypted backup restore

    Those are pre-fail options, and a case when PVE install screwed is more than theoretical.And in that scenario you have backup, but you dont have it)))Im trying to provide some feedback to improve the system while it in beta.Untrusted encrypted destination for backup should be optional and not...
  2. encrypted backup restore

    Okay its my fault and in my case backups are RIP.Usually its tied to password or have recovery options.Yep it has warning in manual but it should be more in GUI.One checkbox when you add PBS to PVE server and all encrypted.Fail PVE host=fail backup.Button please for master-recovery-key download...
  3. encrypted backup restore

    Hi all,seems im screwed)Have backup on PBS,reinstalled PVE host from scratch,now i cant restore VMs and have no backup of encryption keys left. Will try to scan and recover but chances are near 0. Any workaround for this case?As always not too much time to fix. Thanks in advance.
  4. Do I need VPN for remote sync?

    Thanks for info.This mean i can backup over WAN connection and backup traffic is protected?Also this means i can port forward 8007 port over NAT mapping for sync/backup jobs.Still miss few features like sync cron schedule and sync direction choose.
  5. Do I need VPN for remote sync? has no mention TLS or encryption in "remote" section.Direct backup traffic is not protected "by design"?
  6. Mini HOWTO: Running Mac OS X 10.9 under Proxmox 3.3

    I think this forum is for technical questions,not lawyer info. Going through howto - got cycled reboot at proxmox vm. Just don't wont to build up vmware for this task. Maybe an empty backup without hdd image would be acceptable. Import,restore,and install it by yourself. Отправлено с моего...
  7. Mini HOWTO: Running Mac OS X 10.9 under Proxmox 3.3

    Really?osx on pc hardware is not piracy,and sharing a vm template is?
  8. Mini HOWTO: Running Mac OS X 10.9 under Proxmox 3.3

    Hi all.Could you make a backup by proxmox of osx vm and upload it somewhere.Just cant make it install,may be restore from working backup would be a option.Just upload it and restore like template.


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