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  1. [ZFS + ZED] No Notification for OFFLINE (removed) drives.

    I installed the most current packages available this afternoon, which upgraded ZFS and ZED from 0.8.2 to 0.8.3, however this issue still persists. Has anyone been able to get ZED to alert if your pool is in a degraded state? root@pve:~# pveversion -v proxmox-ve: 6.1-2 (running kernel...
  2. [ZFS + ZED] No Notification for OFFLINE (removed) drives.

    Another observation on this - Even though the pool status is degraded, the icon for the node on the left side of the screen still shows green. However, if you go into node->disks->zfs, the health status shows degraded with a yellow warning. The green icon for the node should also be yellow to...
  3. [SOLVED] How i can remove directory-entry from gui?

    This same bug happened to me as well. Removing the mount file under systemd did the trick.
  4. [ZFS + ZED] No Notification for OFFLINE (removed) drives.

    I ran another test and loaded 4 VM's onto the pool in order to get enough IO requests for zed to catch the drive as suggested in #4653, however after moving over 1tb worth of VM's to the pool and letting them run for the last 5 days, there's still no alert from zed.
  5. [ZFS + ZED] No Notification for OFFLINE (removed) drives.

    Hey! I'm actually having this same issue on proxmox 6.1-3. If I manually remove a drive from the array, it becomes "UNAVAIL" and the pool is shown as degraded. However, no alert email is sent. Just like the OP, I'll get emails on scrubs, resilvers, etc, but no emails on the pool being degraded...
  6. Proxmox hosts unavailable through VPN

    I use proxmox for tinkering around with at home, and for remote access, I rely on an IPSec VPN that's setup through PFSense. When I connect through the VPN remotely, I can access all the hosts on the local network, (i.e., router, DNS, my desktop, file server, etc, etc) However, I CAN'T access...
  7. [SOLVED] Win XP Fails to install on 4.4

    I've finally found the problem to my Proxmox woes... There appears to be a big issue with using a Xeon X5660 that's an engineering sample. Replacing the engineering sample chip with an actual X5660 that I got for $15 on ebay has remedied all these issues. Thanks for all the great replies and...
  8. creat a VM from Proxmox Configuration files

    Unless you saved the VM hard drive files, it seems like the best option would be to just re-create the VM's via the web GUI. If you did save the hard drive files, I would still re-create the VM's from the web GUI, and then edit the VM config file to use the file you saved from the old VM...
  9. [SOLVED] Win XP Fails to install on 4.4

    Hey Richard. Was curious if you had a chance to do a clean install of XP yet?
  10. creat a VM from Proxmox Configuration files

    When you say you removed your VM manually, did you go through and delete all the VM hard disk files?
  11. [SOLVED] Win XP Fails to install on 4.4

    Richard - Did yo do a fresh install of XP? Or was this VM part of a pve upgrade? An interesting thing... I disabled "KVM Hardware Virtualization" in the options section of the VM, started the XP machine, and XP successfully installed the GD5446 driver. The VM would previously freeze as soon as...
  12. [SOLVED] Win XP Fails to install on 4.4

    Just did a clean install of Proxmox 4.4-1/eb2d6f1e and am having issues with Windows XP installing. I created the VM via the web GUI with all the default options, no VirtIO drivers or ballooning memory, etc, and XP installation will get to the "Installing Devices.. 35 Minutes remaining" screen...


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