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  1. Proxmox SO vmbr internal comunication

    Thank you for your support after vmbr change it seems that everythings work as expected. What function does the ip that is configured on the vmbr have? Because from the internal LAN if I try to access that from the browser I see the Proxmox GUI so I think it becomes a management ip. Thank you
  2. Proxmox SO vmbr internal comunication

    Hi, I modified all vmbr addresses and now I can reach internal vms from the operating system where I installed Proxmox. Before this change the default gateway of the internal networks was configured on pfsense (vm by proxmox) instead so the default gateways are the vmbr (192.168.X.1). Now this...
  3. Proxmox SO vmbr internal comunication

    Hi, thank you for your quick answer. This is the Proxmox interfaces config: # Please do NOT modify this file directly, unless you know what # you're doing. # # If you want to manage parts of the network configuration manually, # please utilize the 'source' or 'source-directory' directives to...
  4. Proxmox SO vmbr internal comunication

    Hi, I installed Proxmox on top of a Debian installation and after I created 4 vmbr for the 4 internal lan. I also installed NGINX to the Debian for accept https request on port 443 and forward to the Proxmox GUI port (I’ve also configured lets encrypt certificate on NGINX). Now I would configure...
  5. Proxmox networking configuration

    good morning, I would configure NGINX for sending logs with syslog, but I can't reach the vm to the vmbr1 from the Proxmox server. You can find attached the network diagram
  6. Proxmox networking configuration

    Hi, I've a physical server with a network interface that have 2 public ip. I configure the networking as follow: iface enp2s0 inet manual auto vmbr0 iface vmbr0 inet static address X.X.X.Y (public ip for the Proxmox GUI) netmask X.X.X.X gateway X.X.X.X bridge-ports enp2s0...
  7. PfSense + Proxmox 5 one NIC

    This is clear but I don’t understand why Hetzner give the opportunity to have more than 1 public ip if it’s impossible to use it
  8. PfSense + Proxmox 5 one NIC

    Perfect I'll check with Hetznet. Have a nice day
  9. [SOLVED] Proxmox + Samba + OpenVPN + PFsense...

    Hi zigjack, what tool did you use to draw the network scheme? I'm trying to make a similar infrastructure but giving a second public ip to the pfsense internet interface but I haven't found yet a solution
  10. PfSense + Proxmox 5 one NIC

    Hi, thank you for reply. I'm trying to configured pfsense vm with a public interface that have public ip. This is the network diagram: internet - proxmox physical net interface - pfsense public interface I have 2 public ip, 1 for the Proxmox GUI and the other for pfsense public interface
  11. PfSense + Proxmox 5 one NIC

    I'm also have a Hetzner bare metal server when I installed Proxmox. Now i need to install a pfsense vm where I ll configure vpn connection and other networking options. I have 2 ip the 1st is configured to the Proxmox physical interface and I host Proxmox GUI but i need to configured another...
  12. Proxmox multiple public ip configuration

    Hi all, I installed Proxmox to my bare metal server and i need to have 2 public ip configured to the same public interface. The first public ip https://x.x.x.x:8006 show the proxmox GUI and I would configure the 2nd public ip x.x.x.y to the public interface of the Pfsense vm hosted by Proxmox...


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