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  1. pve (host) vs ubuntu performance

    So am i. I wish it would be optional to install Pve with a modern kernel if you like me dont care about ovz. I also have tested modern fedora and ubuntu distros vs. latest pve, gaining better performance and significant reduction in power consumption on i7* sandy bridge and ssd hybrid's. Some...
  2. Enabling Spice

    Bump Any updates on spice support for proxmox? In my case i replaced PVE for centos and Fedora as host in a couple of machines to enable spice support for testing about 4 months ago. Now i cant go back to PVE, i really Love spice terminals for virtualized servers and desktops. I use clients in...
  3. pfsense guest hung after cpu upgrade?

    Hello, yesterday i upgraded the cpu in one of my hosts, a Celeron G530 for a i7-3770, all seems fine and the guests run except for the bsd based firewall pfsense 2.01. windows and linux guests boot fineb but pfsense boots to the initial menu, then when starting it seems to boot but halts, no...
  4. lm-sensors not detecting sandy bridge

    Hi, im trying to get temp monitoring working on the host (pm2.1), but the version of lm-sensors i installed via apt-get install lm-sensors faile to detect any sensors on the mobo.ZOTAC Z68ITX-A-E If i use tha latest detection script it is found. ( What are...
  5. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - is it ok to use?

    I use 12.04 lts on several guests, works very well. Btw, i later reinstalled it using the virtual kernel option and it is lightning fast imo. Very pleased!
  6. Proxmox Hard drive Power Management

    Hi, i use hdparm to controll a 2Tb WD sata drive holding archives seldom used. in my case hdparm -S 120 /dev/sdb Works very good and powerdown the drive.(-S Set standby (spindown) timeout) hdparm -S 120 /dev/sdb /dev/sdb: setting standby to 120 (10 minutes) root@pm:~#
  7. USB Passthrough FTDI Device Crashes VM

    So do i, guest BSOD after a few minutes when passing USB. Found no solution. Nothing in logs...
  8. VNC 2.0 possible via external VNC Viewer

    ahh it Works, thanks for the tip!
  9. How to secure a Proxmox server

    Or install a virtual fw like pfsense (there are many others). You can find good guides on this forum. Good luck
  10. Pfsense high cpu load?

    512mb, also tested 1024mb no differece, tested both 1 & 2 two cpu, same thing. using ide and e1000 now but the load remain high even at idle. sad thing is that i get to like pfsense more and more now...cant seem to let this go.. :)
  11. Pfsense high cpu load?

    Tried it, same thing. 6-7% cpu on idle, even when no traffic is passing. (actually even when booted and paused at the "Welcome to pfsense!" screen.) Reinstalled from amd64 and i386 installer, same thing. and i can only convince pfsense to use ide. not scsi or virtio. Everything is working...
  12. Pfsense high cpu load?

    Tried but vm hang on boot. also tried to disable acpi in vm options. same thing, it stop in the middle of boot...
  13. Pfsense high cpu load?

    Hi, thanks for the tip, no difference on or off.


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