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  1. BrandonN
    BrandonN Dachshound
  2. Paulo Gobbato
    Paulo Gobbato
    Happy Little Snowflake
  3. lennon
    lennon Juliano Silva
    Boa tarde Juliano,
    Vi que você teve o mesmo problema que estou tendo com o Configuration >> Mail Proxy >> Whitelist. Você conseguiu fazer funcionar? Eu adiciono o email ou IP para não fazer checagem de DNSBL mas mesmo assim os emails continuam bloqueando no DNSBL.
  4. Profibest
    Leave it, love it or change it!
  5. killmasta93
    killmasta93 JD Allen
  6. killmasta93
    killmasta93 JD Allen
  7. Smowiw2
  8. Smowiw2
    Hello, born 2003, not native English speaker, and only trying to learn and have fun.
  9. Smowiw2
    Hello, born 2003, not native English speaker, and only trying to learn!
  10. x44
    x44 wolfgang
    sir how to create new forum topic?
  11. aris
    I do a lot of trials and a lot I really want to learn a lot.
  12. whiterabbit
    whiterabbit fireon
    1. fireon
      Hmm, ist mir gar nie aufgefallen, da wir ohnhin nur die Englische Version verwenden. Event. mal auf nachfragen. glg
      Apr 16, 2019
  13. Robert H.
  14. ieronymous
    ieronymous d90
  15. crainbramp
    Proxmoxin' Day and Night
  16. Vurdalak_89
  17. R34L
    R34L dcsapak
    han hecho alguna modificacion en las versiones de proxmox actuales que no permite crear contenedores sin la subcripcion,porque si es asi cambiarme para docker porque vivo en Cuba y no tengo como pagar una subcripcion aunque quisiera,salu2
  18. x44
    x44 Stoiko Ivanov
    Hi Stoiko Ivanov,

    I am running Proxmox under Virtual Environment 5.3-5 with specifications below :

    AMD Ryzen 5 2600g

    my question is do you have any solution with regards in Proxmox Freeze issue, i got this issue for the 3rd time and as
    interim solution for the encountered issue is to restart physically the desktop server. Is there a way to solve this?
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    2. Stoiko Ivanov
      Stoiko Ivanov
      please open a thread in the forum, so that everybody can participate to finding a solution
      Apr 2, 2019
    3. Nanda Htoon
      Nanda Htoon
      Hi Fri. Could you pls explain more detail? Hardware Specification. Freeze happen in which situation. How many OS hosted in it?
      Resource Over Loaded also can possible in sometime.
      Apr 27, 2019
    4. x44
      how to open a thread in the forum?
      May 2, 2019
  19. Sharik987
    Sharik987 Grogory
  20. Nugraha
    Knowledge is power
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