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  1. SergeyISP
  2. Mikus
    Using Proxmox in test-dev-lab since 2017
  3. ParasiticTwin
    Proxmox is installed on top of Debian Stretch 9+
  4. ParasiticTwin
    I'm a new home lab user. My Rig is a Dell t710 dual xeon 5230 cpus 32GB ECC Ram 5x500GB sata drives hardware raid 10 1 hot spare
  5. MEstevez290272
    MEstevez290272 dcsapak
    I am new here. I need your help.
    This is my problem:
    I have 2 proxmox 3.1 servers and there are some VMs working fine. It is necessary to reinstall those servers in only one of them.
    I have tried to migrate VMs and there is no problem with it, but here is the real problem, the first people that worked with this installation have installed an application outside VMs, in the Proxmox host directly.
  6. Muhammad Khaled
    Muhammad Khaled udo
    Dear Udo,
    could you please tell me how to open a public thread ?
    1. Kevin APGs
      Kevin APGs
      if u know please tell me
      Nov 28, 2018
    2. Muhammad Khaled
      Muhammad Khaled
      1. Login to
      2. Under "Proxmox Virtual Environment" Click on "Proxmox VE: Installation and configuration"
      3. Click on "Post New Thread"

      This will be a public thread where all can see and reply on it..

      Special thanks to "Udo" for his help to know the same.
      Nov 29, 2018
  7. jonatan
    jonatan nz_liam
    I still can not do it, if you can, let me know
  8. Juliano Silva
    Juliano Silva Markus Thormann

    I sent your skype to me so I could talk to you
  9. msalwe
    They Know Almost Everything And They Will Help You . You Just Need To Ask Right Questions.
  10. Lucio Magini
    Lucio Magini
    Promoting Proxmox Ve in the Italian Public Sector
  11. W.Schlegel
    Schlaf ist eine Erfindung der Bettenindustrie.
  12. Enterasource
  13. maryvayala
  14. Cosmotraumatika
    CISO in financial services. Cyberneticist. Linux geek.
  15. mafe68
    LG. Mario
  16. Andrew Elliston
    Andrew Elliston online24
    I have a question about promox install .Should I use raid or should I use multiple drive on the server I am using
  17. ummelmju
    INTEL NUC Kit 6CAYH, proxmox-ve_5.2-1
  18. Nachtagent
    Oh no - not you again !
  19. MrLiNk
    MrLiNk Markus Thormann
    Leider kann ich dir keine Private Nachricht schreiben, wenn du die Möglichkeit hast melde dich bitte bei mir. Danke.
    Ich bräuchte jemand der mir gegen Geld Proxmox Installieren kann. Vielen Dank.
  20. TJ Zimmerman
    TJ Zimmerman
    Mountains, Cats, and Computers
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