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  1. lodperera
    lodperera udo
  2. Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller LnxBil
    From my host I can ping the lxc-container: ping -c 4
    From my lxc-conatiner I can ping my host ping -c 4 213.10.x.y (public IP of my server)
    So networking in my lxc-cainter is configurated correctly suing vmbr0.

    In my lxc-conatiner: lighttpd is running on port 80
    But I can't see the http from putside.
    On my host pve I deactivated my firewall temproarlily, also no firewall running on LXC-container.
  3. amyesoz
  4. amyesoz
  5. Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller manu
    Can you send me you configuration or did you see a mistake im my configuration.
    my email is ..... important, I spent already one week to find the right configuration.
  6. jateni
    on proxmox node i destroy vm then i found disk /etc/lvm/archive i tried to using creating new vm and copying old disk to new one: any help?
  7. jateni
    proxmox vm issue
  8. Adriano Santos da Silva
    Adriano Santos da Silva
    I can not change the video resolution of windows vms in my proxmox 4.3, just give me the 800x600 option I need 1024x768 can anybody help me?
  9. Image Revives
  10. Jeroen Keerl
    Jeroen Keerl
    Enjoying a stable 4 node PVE cluster...
  11. soth pitou
    soth pitou
    I have used proxmox but now my server down and how can i get all my data back??
  12. caracal
    Yes, I have a Subscription ;-)
  13. saures
    saures Rooker
  14. Chris Stetson
    Chris Stetson
    PANIC: Ok,so I accidently deleted my VM by not paying attention is there a way to restore it from the hard drive?
  15. new-proxmox-user
  16. new-proxmox-user
    new-proxmox-user wolfgang

    It is the first time I install FreeSwitch on ProxMox 4.3 CT. But I got two errors:

    1- ERROR: Failed to set SCHED_FIFO scheduler (Operation not permitted);
    2- ERROR: Could not set nice level.

    Link for workaround: https://github.com/docker/docker/pull/23430. Adding two additional parameters: --cpu-rt-period and --cpu-rt-runtime.

    Is there a similar solution/workaround for Promox 4.3?

    Thank you,

  17. francismake
    FIFA 17 coming on gameshop4u.
  18. welenyse
  19. mcflym
    mcflym fireon
    Hi, hast du schon eine funktionierende Grafikkarte für GPU Passthrough gefunden?

    Ich hatte damals eine 750TI zum Laufen bekommen, deswegen habe ich nun eine 1050TI genommen, die ich leider nicht ans Laufen bekomme. Hast du schon Erfahrung mit AMD RX470/480 gemacht?

    Gruß und Danke :)
  20. matik
    matik wolfgang
    [QUOTE="wolfgang, post: 134771, member: 30221"]Hi,

    The best way is to start one host wait 3 sec then start the next one.
    And so on.[/QUOTE]
    not help me