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New Profile Posts

  1. mac472
    Trying Oracle Database Server on Proxmox VE 5
  2. Roman Shein
    Roman Shein
    Migrating from Hyper-V to Proxmox
  3. Gerald Floßmann
    Gerald Floßmann
    Trying to get my PVE cluster up and running...
  4. Ivan Gonzalez
  5. Matthew Bates
    Matthew Bates
    all your bateses are belong to us
  6. guletz
    guletz Tushar
    Which technology you are working and where are you belonging I mean city.

    I'm frm India & working on VmWare & currently learning OpenStack technology.


    My town is Brasov / Romania. Brasov is near Dracula Castle!
  7. MildLaw
  8. Manny Vazquez
    Manny Vazquez
    Super rookie, willing to learn
  9. Valerio Pachera
    Valerio Pachera
    Ciao Massimiliano, per il momento ho impostato 'snapshot' come modalità di backup al posto di 'stop'.
  10. safoll opik
  11. itsupport
    Engeneer Thailand
  12. Massimiliano
    Massimiliano Valerio Pachera
    Ciao Valerio,
    suppongo tu sia italiano, ho letto il tuo post riguardo le difficoltà che hai nel completare la procedura di backup schedulato. Da quello che ho capito è un baco di Proxmox che stanno cercando di risolvere?
    Io credo di avere il tuo stesso problema.
    tu come hai risolto?
    Grazie mille!
  13. demoletor
    demoletor dcsapak
    Hi! I want to delete my account. Thankz
  14. UHL-Services
    Proxmox VE with CEPH works as designed, we run on a Paid Subscription. Finally!
  15. Bhushan
    Hi, I have Dell ISCSI 4GB controller which has no power. Pls advise
  16. Bhushan
  17. hackerpro536
    My site is http://luyenthiielts.net, i'm runing in system CentOS, installer proxmox. However that were down too time.plz check for my site
  18. guletz
    guletz Stefan Pettersson
    Thx for your thoughts about my post.
  19. themras
    Cluster HA 3 Nodes
  20. Graymanflo
    New member from 2016!