Hi to everyone.

I'm having a strange issue here. I was able to migrate a win2003 from vmware to proxmox on two diferent AMD hosts.
But when i tried to do it on a Intel core2quad processor (with the same qcow2 image), it wont boot.

The extrange thing here, is that i've used the 'mini win xp' that is included on 'Hirens boot cd' in order to fix mbr, and I'm not able to boot that 'mini win xp' of Hirens either on the intel processor.
The only progress i've achieved, is to check the "disable kvm" option. Then, it tried to boot, show the win progress bar running, but finally it hangs.

Resuming, beside the migration I'm trying to achieve, on two amd hosts i'm able to boot 'mini win xp' of hirens, on the intel host, I can not.
All 3 hosts have proxmox 1.9 ( and I tried with 2.0 on intel host, with the same result).

Well, any clue or help will be really appreciated.

Regards !