and a happy new year to all of you! i hope you all enjoyed the christmas days and had a fine party at the turn of the year.

i hope you can give me a idea of how to use the backup in a cluster configuration.

well i have a cluster with one master and actually two nodes (the nodes will increase in near future)

at the master, there's only a local storage of 200 GB, the nodes have 2 Tb each (local)

Also i use a netapp wich i mounted using iscsi and LVM.This is a 4 TB storage and i use the normal network, not an extra one for iscsi!

My question is: what is the best configuration to backup the vms on the nodes?

install the VM's on the NetApp Storage and make the backup on the free Diskspace of the local node, which runs the vm

install the VM's local on the specific node which should run the VM and use the NetApp as Backup storage ( this seems not to work, because i cannot tell the LVM Volume to be a backup storage).

And at the end a last question from what i have tested so far:

I installed a vm locally on a node. then i went to the webinterface of the master and created a local backup storage using the local storage (200 GB) and made a backup job.
is there a possibillity to add the localstorage of a node too? Or is the only possibillity to make a nfs share on the node to integrate this storage?