View Full Version : Loosing any kind of web-connect to proxmox-machine

07-03-2011, 05:07 PM

mea maxima culpa, it was a bind (DNS) problem; found as i was sniffering with wireshark with option Name Resolution/Enable for Network Layer.

Happy Proxmoxing ;-) @all.


a really great solution based on Deb./linux. *Thanks for this mega work.*

But i am running in a minor problem. I installed proxmox 1.8 6070-5, the latest one on HP 350 ML G5/17G RAM, checked cables :-), changed NICs (eepro100->e1000/bnx2), switched off/on the switches etc too. I do not think, that the hardware himself is the problem, cause i installed on this hw deb squeez and there is not this problem, neither on bnx2 or eepro100-nic.

I am loosing after a short period of time (ca. 5-8min) always the connection to the machine, does not matter on port 80/443, 3000 (ntop) or webmin (10000). But the processes are alive, as a ps will show it. I also changed my clients and browser too, IE/Moz./FFox/Opera, it is always the same bad game. I can connect, login, click around, but after a while doing nothing the next click will bring up a lost connection *and* probably sometimes recover/reconnect or not.

No problems on ssh (never broken) or somewhere else on the machine, no problems transferring huge files to/from the machine. I was looking for problems in logs, but found no thing.

On the other hand, from the same clients with the same browser told before, no problems to connect, holding stable the connection to other machines (web/linux-server).

What could be, is the problem ? Which information do you need more to help me, give me a hint.

Thanks in advance

PS: rightnow the nic is a intel dual eepro100